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Why not say hi and tell us an interesting fact about yourself.

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Want to chat about a topic that doesn’t fit anywhere else? You’re always welcome here.

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If you have a problem and think the community can help, this is the place to discuss it. If you want a quick, short answer to a specific question about your account, start in the help centre.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps - the place to chat about whether they really save you money, how green they are, what the installation is like, and, if you’ve got one, how you’re finding it.

About Bulb

This is the place to chat with us and each other about Bulb – the company and the service we provide. It’s also where we ask for your thoughts and opinions on the new things we’re working on.

Being Green

How can you lower your carbon footprint? Being with Bulb is a great start - share what else you are doing.

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We post regular updates on the blog. Sometimes they’re about us, sometimes they’re about you. This is the place to chat with us, and each other, about the articles we’ve posted.

Bulb USA 🇺🇸

Welcome to Bulb’s USA Community.


Bienvenido a la Comunidad de Bulb EUA. La página de Bulb EUA es el lugar en donde puedes conocer las novedades y el progreso de Bulb en EUA. Si tienes alguna idea o sugerencia, este es el lugar indicado