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Will Bulb refuse a request to switch to Bulb?


In a previous house with prepaid meters, a request to switch to Octopus was refused by Octopus because of the prepaid meters. Now I have just moved into a property which has quite an old gas meter (it measures cubic feet instead of cubic meters). I would like to swich to Bulb, but I don't want to choose a tariff with the existing suppliers which has exit fees, only then to discover Bulb will refuse a switch to them and then be stuck with this supplier and the exit fees. Would there be any other reasons to refuse a switch? And could it be that Bulb would insist to replace the meter and charge for it? I could not find any info about Bulb refusing a switch to them, but I did see somewhere they charge £120 for replacing a prepaid meter and being charged such an amount for a meter change would cancel out any benefits of joining.



  • As far as I know, bulb have access to ofgems meter database just like every other supplier so they'll know your meter is reading in feet. Basically when you see some bulb statements there will be a conversion factor (can't remember the exact number) to convert from cubic meters to cubic feet. Also of your old tariff has exit fees, bulb will pay those on your behalf.

    This is a customer forum so this is my personal knowledge, I do not work for Bulb, but as far as I know is factually correct.
  • From other post I believe there are some customers who have the cubic feet meters so should be ok, you can however contact Bulb and discuss to be sure.
    Contact from the help button above.
  • Hi I have the old imperial meter which reads in feet and have been with bulb over a year now with no problems at all.
  • Great, thanks for your helpful replies @FromTheValleys @scudo @trevor8606, I had indeed seen others mentioning they had cubic feet meters too (and occassional mixups with the conversion), so was hoping it should be fine and it's great to hear from @trevor8606 that they experienced no issues at all in a similar situation!
  • Us community members always feel appreciated when people have a query and thank us for our answers.

    No problem at all.
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