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A bit of a cheeky question about referrals. On Thursday last I joined the bulb community through a comparison site (U-switch). The reason for this was because I had a question about selling electricity from my solar panels and whether this affected my right to switch. On Friday I had lunch with my sister in law and was telling her about my switch. She was upset because SHE is a bulb customer and has a referral code ( and because we had not discussed switching I didn't know. Is it possible to use her referral code in retrospect? She is a good ambassador for bulb and I would like to see her rewarded.


  • @Adical

    Will you please edit out the referral code it isn't allowed on this Forum (Bulb's T&Cs) .

    You should contact Bulb direct with your details and that of your sister and they will decide what to do.
  • Hi @Adical

    Thanks for posting on Community. I've edited your post to remove the referral link. Whilst we love that our members want to share Bulb, it is against our Terms to post your link on Community.

    I'm afraid that if you have signed up through a comparison website, we cannot credit either of your accounts with the £50.

    When you sign up to Bulb through a referral link, it costs us £100. It also costs us when you sign up through USwitch. It would cost too much money for us to pay for both the comparison site sign up and referral.

    The only way to get around this would be to cancel your switch, wait a few days and then sign up again through the referral link. This can only be done if you are still in the cooling off period. You'll be able to tell if your in the cooling off period if there is a button in Bulb account that says "cancel my switch".
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