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Help us improve our mobile app

Hi everyone!

I’m Flora, a user researcher here at Bulb.

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to work on a big project, trying to understand how Bulb’s mobile app could be better - more useful and more fun. Part of this project, I’ve been reading and analysing hundreds of reviews on the Bulb App, comments on social media, requests coming in through our customer service team.

Now, I’m turning to you, our Community to understand what you would need. So here’s your chance to have a say in what Bulb is doing. Tell us all about your dreams and wishes when it comes to Bulb’s mobile app.

I can’t promise that everything will happen right away. But the more we know about what you miss from the Bulb App and what your ideal Bulb App would look like, the better the real one will become.

So ready, steady, comment!



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    Hate to tell you this, but I think the app is really good, and hard to see how it can be improved.
    It would be nice to see consumption details, like you can on the web page. I assume having the same data as you can see on the home display (When it's working!) is something you'll have later.
  • I'd primarily like to see usage graphs implemented, and a minor thing perhaps the notification top bar on android could be app-coloured.

    The information for submitting readings could still be improved as for electricity meters, most digital meters don't show the preceeding zeros so it could still be confusing to submit for new users. Perhaps just remove the requirement for the preceeding zeros.
  • Usage graphs would be really cool.

    One thing which I would like, but I think may be a stretch too far, because of my short stature and very high up electricity meter. I was wondering if there is a way of reading the meter with the phone camera, as it stands now, to read my meter, I have to take a picture then input the value.
  • I agree with the other posts so far - Energy usage graphs would be good. I'm already using the app to submit my meter readings each month and really like the number recognition feature using my phone's camera.
  • I agree with the other posts, it would be nice to see usage graphs maybe with previous year or average use also shown for comparison.
  • I’d like to see and iPad app as well as one for the iPhone.
  • An android widget for smart meter users would be really neat. To show hourly/daily/weekly usage graphs.
  • Lewis_P said:

    An android widget for smart meter users would be really neat. To show hourly/daily/weekly usage graphs.

    Could do the same for iOS as well.
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