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Prepayment meters and the App

I'm looking at switching to Bulb, we're on prepayment meters with EDF at the moment.
Could anybody tell me if you can see your balance on the app and top up through the app as well? As our electricity meter is behind the fridge and we have to drag it out every time we top up (very heavy)! So if we can do it all through the app that would be great. Thanks!


  • Hi @HollyP90

    It sounds like you prepayment meter is a smart meter, is that right?

    If so, you'll have to join us on a direct debit agreement. Current smart meters lose their smart functionality when the property switches supplier. This means they can no longer be topped up online or through an app.

    We're unable to supply prepayment smart meters at the moment. If you want to stay on prepayment smart, we might not be the right supplier for you at the moment. But if you want to join us on a direct debit agreement, you can sign up through the website and select "I have a credit meter" (even though you don't). It would mean you'll still have to move the fridge though - sorry about that!
  • Hi Sorry for the late reply! No it's not a smart meter, currently the only way we can see what's left on our meter is by dragging the fridge out - does this make a difference to if we'll be able to see the balance through the app?

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