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Old Account - query

I moved house in February. I contacted Bulb well in advance to let them know our move date, i gave the final meter readings on the 3rd Feb (the date we moved out) then i paid the final amount owing on that account and the account was closed. I then opened a new account for my new house and i was under the impression that all had gone very smoothly.
However, i have just heard from the new tenant who has moved in to our old house saying he cannot switch over from Bulb to his preferred supplier as Bulb are saying there is a £265.05 outstanding debt on the property?? From my statements of payments it clearly shows that i had paid the remaining balance on the account and it was £0.00. I cannot get through to Bulb via phone to have this sorted as the phone lines /web chat are unavailable.
Can anyone help?


  • That seems to be entirely the new tenant's problem, not yours.
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