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Tariff changes

Hi, Can someone please let me know changes p per k/w that have been made to the tariff over the last 12 months. Thanks


  • There's a pricewatch section in the Blog. I tried to post with the links, but it got blocked. It may appear later.

    I've seen 3 changes, because I joined in September. I think the rate is different depending on where you live.
    In my case, where I live, with a normal meter type tariff.

    gas (standing charge, rate)
    sep/2018 24.56 2.85
    nov/2018 24.56 3.6
    dec/2018 20.44 3.6
    mar/2019 20.44 3.39

    electricity (standing charge, rate)
    sep/2018 24.56 12.6
    nov/2018 24.56 13.59
    dec/2018 20.44 13.59
    mar/2019 20.44 13.59

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