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Applied for the FIT and got a small credit

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I applied for the FIT last month and got a small credit in my April bill. The credit was not flagged as being from the FIT and was less than I expected. Will Bulb send me emails about starting the FIT and explain what I should expect? As the payment seems too low does Bulb split the payments up? For example a payment per month and another one each quarter? I don't have a smart meter, so the payments should assume 50% of what my solar panels produce is exported.


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    Once you are registered for FIT with bulb you will have a 'Your Feed in Tariff' section on your main dashboard on the web view.

    This will have
    * FIT details (this is the details of your application)
    * FIT statements
    * FIT meter readings (this is only enabled quarterly to submit a reading, you cannot view past readings here)

    The FIT payment is quarterly, with the statement and credit appearing a month after the quarterly reading deadline.

    So if you don't have these the credit must be for something else?
  • Hey @DaveLister

    The £10 credit was 'goodwill credit'. We compensate members if they've had to wait longer than we think is acceptable for a reply to an email or for us to answer the phone.

    FIT payments are credited quarterly. As @Phillip_PAL has said, you'll be able to see your FIT payments and statements in your Bulb account.
  • Thanks for the info Eleanor. Unfortunately the 3 week deadline for being signed up for the FIT is due next Thursday the 16th of May. I hope the new initiative, to pay customers for what they generate, is not getting in the way of my FIT application. If I am being held in the queue by the government quango, then please tell me if this is occurring. You are also happy for customers that already get FIT payments to join the new initiative, but because of the way the FIT is calculated, this is not in their interests, unless they have a large panel array.
  • Not to worry, if you're application is already in we'll process it.

    There is around a 3 weeks wait at the moment due to the surge of applications around the deadline. You applied on April 25th so it shouldn't be long now. We're focusing on getting these done as well as continuing with our export tariff. We've enlisted the help of some extra energy specialists to process the applications so you're not having to wait too long.

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