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Estimated reading when I’ve got a smart meter

Hi all! I had a smart meter fitted for Bulb about 2 months ago. Shocked today to see most recent reading on my account is an estimate! Anyone else experienced that?


  • Yes, loads of us. System isn't working at the moment.
  • Yes, loads of us. System isn't working at the moment.

    Can you expand on this? I have an installation booked for the end of the month and want to know if I should cancel?
  • Hi Hydro. There seems to be issues at Bulb with the Smart Meters. I guess for commercial reasons they aren't saying how many are affected, but judging by the posts on here, it's a lot.
    Your installation choice is up to you. They may work straight away, or they might not. My Gas worked for a while, now neither work. There is no fix date available and my last bill was estimated.
  • Great. The engineer has just arrived to connect my smart meter
  • I didn't even have my last bill generated! Just one electricity estimate in the 2 months since and the new gas meter serial still not updated on account. Probably best to just ignore things for a while and lower any direct-debit auto-pay amount until they sort it.
  • Smart meters as such generally seem to be working and sending readings to Bulb. But Bulb are having problems with the process of transferring the readings into the billing system, hence the estimated readings. The IHDs (In House Displays) quite often don't work properly owing to some pairing or firmware issue, but Bulb do seem to be able to get them to work eventually.
  • I have the same concerns. Smart meter successfully installed 23rd April. IHD worked briefly on electricity only, now 'waiting for current data'. I called the helpline and they said wait two weeks, that the meter is registered and they will get readings, Why estimate my readings if this is the case?

    I am happy to wait until what looks like an interworking issue with the IHD is resolved, after all I had no display with my old meter.

    However, as there are so many people in this and similar positions, Bulb must keep us informed and this they are failing to do. To relieve pressure of calls on their helpline and get brownie points for excellent communication and customer service they must post regular updates on these rollout issues on their website and be honest with their customers.

    Just waiting with no updates whilst seeing the message 'waiting for current data' several times a day is just not good enough. By all means I'll put the display away in a drawer, so long as Bulb advise me when it is ready to use.

    This is an opportunity for Bulb to show how you keep in touch with your customers, instead it is becoming something of an embarrassment .
  • My smart meters were installed on 3 April. First I was told gas needed recommissioning as it was not communicating subsequently it was the electric readings that were problematic. The IHD eventually showed gas only readings but sprang into life on Saturday and now displays both. I was billed 2 weeks late with a smart reading for electricity and an estimate for gas after receiving an incomprehensible bill which had been adjusted to take account of all the tariff changes over the last year! My electricity as of today is not connected to the system but the smart team are working on it. They do have meter details for the new meters. Yesterday I received £10 from Bulb in accordance with their customer charter as I was kept on hold for over 10minutes trying to find out what’s going on!! I wish I knew - it would have been nice to have been kept updated about the ongoing issues and not receive different versions every time one gets in contact. I’m sure it will be sorted in the end but what a painful and time consuming process and certainly not ‘smart’!
  • Same problem here -- had smart meters installed in April, but the meter readings on my latest bill say "estimated". Bulb told me these readings weren't actually estimates, but the figures came from the smart meters. It can't be true because the gas meter still hasn't reached the value they claimed to have read. I've emailed several times and had a web chat but am none the wiser about what the problem is, or when it might be fixed.
  • Really poor on Bulbs part. This really drags their reputation down on customer service.
    I have emailed, complained and also gone on their chat and hardly any real information on whats wrong or the fix.
  • Just had my first statement since the smart meter was installed at the end of June and it is an estimated bill.... why?? I thought it was automatically transmitted. I’ll wait until the next statement and hope that’s not estimated too!!!
  • We had our smart meter installed beginning of April and since then no bill just estimates from April. That's four month now. I find this very odd and beyond acceptable.
  • I have had smart meters fitted and the gas meter is not sending reading to bulb and hence I am getting estimated readings. Also the display does not show any gas readings. Is bulb actually doing anything about this?
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