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Retrofitting a battery to a solar FIT installation...

We recently had some solar panels fitted (~6.1kW installation, but limited to export at 4kW) and signed up to the FIT tariff just before it ceased to be.
We're now realising that we have excess capacity in the day which we could use to get us through the peak 4-7pm period (and possibly overnight too, depending on the day).

I know that when we filled in the FIT form, we declared that we did not have battery storage - if we were to retrofit a battery now (on the DC side ~ 9.5kWh) does anyone know whether that will affect our eligibility for FIT payments etc?

Mostly just toying with the idea at the moment - losing FIT payments would be a dealbreaker though.

Re: Economics For us we know it doesn't entirely make financial sense (i.e. repayment period > battery lifespan, unless elec prices jump), but it feels like the right thing to do, environment-wise, as it'll get us very close to carbon-zero through the summer.
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