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loving bulbs 3 tier tarif

can clearly see im now saving money on this tarif, washing my clothes and drying them after 11pm for just over 8p a kw, thank you bulb


  • old tarif:
    Electricity Unit Rate
    13.71p per kWh
    Electricity Standing Charge
    20.44p per day

    new tarif:
    Overnight unit rates 8.58 11pm to 7am
    Off-peak unit rate 13.15 7am to 4pm and
    7pm to 11pm
    Peak unit rate 27.84 4pm to 7pm (Weekdays)
    Standing charge 20.44
  • So great to hear @Leroy !

    Have you found you've had to change many of your energy usage habits? If so, what was the most difficult? It would be great to give advice to anyone who is thinking f switching to the smart tariff.
  • not changed anything apart from using my 2kw dryer and 2kw washing machine after 11pm, im often asleep through the peak hours so this tarif is perfect for me, I have 2pcs that are on 24 hours per day, im about to go to just 1 pc which will then save me around 250 watts per hour.
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