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Hi I received an email from bulb asking me to refer friends for a reward of £150 to be shared with that friend . My friend signed up and I received an email saying £50 would be credited to each of our accounts.. that is not half of 159 should have been 75.. also no where on the join up did it say the reward would go to your account .. very misleading info .. I think my friend won’t sign up now not a good start.


  • Can you post the text/photo of the email? I suspect there's been some misunderstanding somewhere? I know I've received emails such as:

    Get £100 for sharing Bulb this week
    Hi ...,

    To celebrate your anniversary of joining Bulb and to say thanks for being with us for so long, we’re doubling your referral reward for the next week.

    We'll give you and a friend £100 each when you refer them to Bulb. Here’s your personal link:
    Every friend that signs up through your personal link before 11:59pm on Wednesday xxx December will get £100 added to their Bulb Account, and so will you.

    And each person that joins Bulb saves over a tonne of CO2 from being released into the atmosphere every year. That's like planting 549 trees. So it's a win-win.

    And, to me, it's clear that both parties will get £100 each for that week: so "£150 shared" seems very odd.
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    Hi @Tessie1953

    Looks like you had the £150 referrals between 2019-05-28 and 2019-06-05, so you and your friend should have received an email saying that you'd get £75 each. Could you please send me a private message with the name of your friend and their postcode so I can see what's happened here?
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    RichyB said:

    And, to me, it's clear that both parties will get £100 each for that week: so "£150 shared" seems very odd.
    Not so clear or odd, I asked on this other thread when did the £75 come into being as it was widely reported on Bulb's Facebook page. I didn't get an answer to my query.

  • :s Sorry I missed that @Allanr

    The £75 referral is a regional referral reward that we've been testing in a few regions. We're running the tests region by region so not everyone will get the promotion at the same time.

    We started the regional referral rewards in the Eastern region on May 8th. We then moved to London on 13th May and it's kicking off in the North Scotland region today.

    We'll give you notice if the promotion is going live in your region and we'll send you a nudge when it starts.
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