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When I put my gas reading in they say it's not what they expected.they ask for photo of meter which I send every time. Am I using to much or not enough I am frightened to put heating on


  • Can anyone help me please
  • Hi @Kenova,

    Bulb are supplied an 'expected meter range' by the regulator and if your reading is outside these bounds (it could be, as I experienced over this winter, "more usage as expected" or it could be the same as when I started with Bulb when the readings were "lower usage than expected": this was due to my previous supplier not updating records) - then Bulb will just ask for a photo so they can manually confirm the reading to ensure you didn't make a typo (such as a 9 instead of a 6 etc) and then say to the regulator "Yeah, these readings are correct".

    Don't worry about it too much - just supply the photo and you'll be golden!
  • Thank you RichyB that was a help
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