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Smart meters and PV installations

Hi - we're keen to have a smart meter installed but I have been told that having a solar panel system means that's now possible. Is that correct?


  • I have solar PV and a bulb SMETS2 meter and other than the fact the meter isn't automatically sending readings back yet it works fine the lack of automatic readings is not an unusual problem). Our metered I ports are the same as they were prior to switchover. The ihd even shows when we are exporting so we can run around turning stuff on.

    One thing to be aware of, if you do go to a smart meter you may stop getting your 50 percent assumed export and instead get the actually measured export. I believe bulb will have to make this switch for us at some point.
  • Hi there @Brads

    Smart meters are compatible with PV arrays, so you can have a smart meter installed.

    In fact, a smart meter can separately record your import (consumption from the grid), and your export (export to the grid), which makes it a bit more advanced than a regular analog meter. You will be able to see both readings (IMP and EXP) on your smart meter and in-home display.  

    If you receive Feed-in Tariffs, this also means that your export tariff can be metered. If you do not have an export meter, your export amount is estimated to be 50% of what you generate. With a solar panel installed, Bulb can pay you more accurately what you exported back to the grid :)
  • With a solar panel installed, Bulb can pay you more accurately what you exported back to the grid :)

    So you could be worse off if you export less than 50% of what you generate, for instance because you use a lot during the day or have a battery. Unfortunately you'd need an export meter to find out!
  • Hi this is good information as we had a bulb smart meter installed yesterday and have solar panels. I have a couple of questions please. 1. When the image is of a pylon and and a green arrow is that when we are exporting to the grid? 2. How can I see readings linked to solar panels ie how much we have exported? 3. Our FIT tariff is with EON, will this continue and will BULB let EON know our true export for payment? 4 I take it the smart meter can’t read our FIT meter ? Thanks very much Marie
  • I'd like the answers to all your questions as well! I can add, though, that I have now read about the Smart Export Guarantee, which, if I understand it correctly, means that the export of new solar panels will in future be metered. If that is the case, it may be extended to existing panels, which will then have smart meters forced on them, but perhaps not, since the export tariff is all that new panels will get, whereas existing ones will go on getting the (much more significant) generation tariff, plus the smaller deemed export payments. Bulb offers the chance to swap from FiT to metered export payments (, but I get the impression that that will leave you much worse off unless you are only getting one of the more recent, low FiTs.
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