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Referral credit

My friends switched on the 4th and topped up but it still says switch in progress but they switched on the 4th. We want our referral money lol


  • Hi @LUCYBOOS234 ,

    For pre-payment top ups, Bulb don't actually get told by Paypoint et al for around 2 business days after the top up - so they *should* be being informed about it "today" (if there hasn't been a delay). Once they've been told about it, I *believe* they've then got to manually collate that information to accounts (and customer service is a bit overloaded at the moment) so give them a couple more days. If you haven't heard anything at the end of the week, it'll then be worth just dropping Bulb an email (since this is a non-urgent matter) with your details and your friends (name/email and supply address if you know it) and they'll look into things.

    Once the top-up has been fully recorded and credited as a referral payment, you'll then get an email confirming this and saying you'll hear from TransferWise in around 48 hours (again, Bulb, I *believe* have got to manually inform/request TransferWise to do this) who will then get in contact with details of how to claim the funds.
  • Why say a date if it’s not gonna be a whole week till after then? Pointless really
  • Well, they probably did switch to Bulb for future billing on the 4th - so it's *technically* accurate. However, if they topped up on the 3rd with £50 worth of fuel, they probably won't do another top up for a couple of weeks and then Paypoint et al have got to tell Bulb... However, if they topped up at just gone the stroke of midnight on the 4th and Paypoint did a data-transfer to Bulb minutes later, it is theoretically possible the referral credit could have been processed on the 4th. But most of that that is outside Bulb's control - and Bulb don't actually say when the referral credit will be paid, just the status of the switch.
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