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Mysterious Credit Balance on SMETS2 gas meter

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I pay by regular direct debit and get monthly statements showing my usage. When I press Button A on my Landis and Gyr SMETS2 gas meter I get the meter index in cubic metres. On giving it a second press a "Credit Balance" in £s is shown as if I were a pre-payment customer. Can anyone explain what this is and where the figure came from? (it's a bit less than £30). I should perhaps add that remotely obtained smart meter reads are not yet making it as far as my statements which are still being based on estimates. I have informed Bulb.


  • I might also add that I do happen to currently have a credit balance on my Bulb account but it isn't the same amount and it isn't just for gas so why would it appear on my gas meter anyway? I find it completely baffling.
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