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Are Bulb supplying energy monitors to their customers?


  • Hi @John_H we were a few months ago, but we've run out. There are great ones on Amazon or in your local utility store for £15-£45. They're rad. @nimish is a big fan and expert.
  • Thanks for the reply. I thought that all energy suppliers were going to provide these free of charge? Can you confirm if this is correct.

  • Hi @John_H, Bulb will be supplying smart meters free of charge in 2018. These normally come included with an energy meter of some sort to monitor your energy consumption.

    Bulb were previously trialling The Loop energy monitor (to buy personally they're £45 for electric, £60 for dual fuel), see the threads here and here, but I don't actually know why as smart meters are hopefully just around the corner.

    The energy displays provided with smart meters should be more accurate though as they display real power as measured by the meter rather than apparent power (like the Loop does) which becomes more and more important as residential devices seem to increasingly be becoming capacitive loads (a lot of LED lights as an example, cheaper ones especially).
  • hello, have you started to give out the power monitors, I got bulb in March this year but was never told I would receive one?
  • @laurenfaygreene We are doing this later on this year, there have been delays to the 2nd generation of smart meters coming out.

    If you want to be part of the smart trial list please go through this form:
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