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Approval of posts (down to HTML syntax?)

edited January 2018 in Everything but Bulb
In trying to add some style to an image (to add a border) by guessing the simple HTML syntax, I got a message informing me that my comment would be posted once approved.

Is this due to the spam filters implemented, or is it down to the number of edits I made, or the specific syntax I tried to add?

For reference, the code I tried to add which is probably wrong:
<img style="border:1px solid black" src="img src">

Does anyone know if I can add a border, and if so, what the correct syntax is?


  • Just had another post do the same thing. Must be a post and edit frequency thing to try and stop spammers.

    I often edit posts quite a bit within the first few minutes once posted. I should use the preview button more, but the formatting is not always the same on the preview as the actual post.
  • It's the spam filters, which means I don't know exactly what caused them to think you were fishy. They don't share their formulae for obvious reasons :)

    I've marked your posts as not spam now and marked you as a legitimate user, so you shouldn't have this problem again.
  • Cheers @Will at Bulb!

    (goes off to spam threads everywhere.... :wink:)
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