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The Decent LED thread (high CRI/R9 LEDs)

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As high CRI LEDs (over 90) seem so hard to come by, I thought I'd start a thread with some manufacturers/suppliers I've found while on the hunt for them.

Yuji LED ( and manufacture high CRI LEDs. Very spendy but apparently some of the best.
Civilight ( manufacture mostly high CRI LEDs with R9 of around 90, 11W bayonet version sold locally by Well Lit, see below.
Well-lit ( sell some very reasonably priced LEDs with CRI figures over 90. 95 CRI GU10s in 7W and 9W.
UltraLEDs sell some >90 CRI LED tape (
Plumen sell some >90 CRI LEDs (

Integral and Philips have both announced very high CRI LEDs but so far I've been unable to find any for sale.


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    @mowcius - we are a new lighting company and will focus on high CRI and specialized spectral products. We haven't announced our full product lineup yet, but we do have some CRI and CRI R9 guides that we hope you'll find useful.
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    Hi @waveform, are you manufacturing your own lighting or partnering with another company to produce specific products for your markets?

    I'd definitely be interested to hear what you will have in GU10, E27 and B22.

    Do you know when you will have released any further information and how they will be available in the UK?

    (@Will at Bulb/@Andrew at Bulb, is advertising like this permitted? So long as it's relevant to the discussion?)
  • Hi @mowcius!

    We are an ODM company that partners with factories to manufacture lights to our designs and specifications. Our mission is to address specific needs in niche lighting applications by providing lights that are tailored for that particular use case.

    We'll likely have a high CRI bulb in a standard A19 format and E27 base, in 2700K, 4000K and 6500K. We aim to have it available by April of this year.

    Our launch market will be the USA but UK will follow shortly via Amazon or similar platform.

    As far as CRI is concerned, there are lots of players out there, but it's hard to find one that can maintain high CRI at higher color temperatures.

    I would add SORAA to your list :)

  • waveform said:

    I would add SORAA to your list :)

    Not sure how I missed them.
    They have a lot of products so I can see that digging around to find what I'm after might take a while!
    Our mission is to address specific needs in niche lighting applications by providing lights that are tailored for that particular use case.
    Do you know what kind of price point you're aiming for with any bulbs that could be considered for a residential application?
  • @mowcius , we're still finalizing our price points but we'll let you know with more details as we come closer to launch!
  • Probably on the other end of the scale, but Ikea sell some 90 CRI bulbs for home use.
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    @Kansai12, your comment caused me to investigate this more, and came across this page.

    It seems that some of them are rather good (even in the red/R9 area), but you have to pick carefully.
  • @mowcius, on the plus side, those findings are of IKEA bulbs that are 3 years old.

    I have to agree that you do have to pick carefully, as I have returned a few bulbs from them that I found to be rather inadequate, but this does mean that sometimes you will find a £4 bulb that does the same job as something costing triple or quadruple that price.

    I currently have Well-Lit, Civilight, and Ikea bulbs in my home.
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