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Monthly estimates vs actual payments

I've just had a look at my actual usage (4 months) and my predicted usage (8 months) which come to a total of £951 pa (£79.25 pcm). My bill is £98 pcm. I appreciate the need for a little bit of overpayment reserve, but £19 seems a little too much. Is that right?


  • Hi @jharrison5, Yep, it does look high, and you have quite a bit of credit in your account too, so we should definitely lower it. You're in more credit than we'd normally recommend for winter too, so we should lower your payments even further so that we use some of the excess credit up rather than let it sit there uselessly.

    How about I set your payments to £60 for 6 months and then set it to come back up to average £79.25? If that sounds good to you I'll make that change for you.
  • Bulb is awesome! Renewable electricity, sensible transparent pricing and actual people that respond quickly with real solutions. Its like the stuff of... of normal customer service, the likes of which other energy companies can only dream!

    Your payment suggestion sounds super, thank you @will.
  • Heh :) Glad I could help.

    I've made that change for you now. Your payments will be £60 until April. From May they'll be £79.25.
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