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Refer and support Crisis in December - The Bulb Blog

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imageRefer and support Crisis in December - The Bulb Blog

We’ve been working with our members on making some changes to our referral programme. They've suggested we give £50 to their friend and £50 to Crisis.

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    I think this is a very laudable initiative and I can see why at this time of year it's a lovely thing to do. I would be interested to know what is the ratio between customers who say, "I would not want any kind of direct reward", versus those thanking you for a welcome kick-back on their energy bill? I would like to know how deep the insight is that would drive this change. For example, I am a single mother who changed to Bulb to reduce energy bills that I was deeply struggling with. Additionally, I already choose to give to two charities: The Big Issue and the NSPCC. Perhaps I don't want to have my charitable giving chosen for me? Perhaps I am really struggling and a referral 'banks' me a little financial break in the month ahead (as well as happily benefitting a friend)? I wish you luck with your trial initiative this month and genuinely hope it helps those in crisis at what can be a desperate time for many. However, from my own personal point of view, this will prevent me from referral for the reasons stated above. I would be happy to talk to you more about this, if you wanted to hear a deeper explanation of my viewpoint.
  • Thanks @ria_cam. We really appreciate you taking the time to go into this much detail.

    We had a large amount of qualitative feedback from members that this is something that would make referring worthwhile for them. So, we're experimenting. We know that feedback of this sort is never going to be fully representative, so we didn't want to dive straight in with something permanent. We're as much about learning as anything else. Even if this hypothesis turns out incorrect, at least we would know.

    We've had a few people since this change sharing similar views to you, so already we've confirmed that it's not a clear cut topic. Especially around how to choose the charity. And helped us think more on how we approach things like this in future.

    If we wanted to test something like this in future, is there any way that we could made it work better for you while keeping the spirit of it?

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