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Swansea lagoon

I understand that the govt are about to take a decision on the Swansea tidal lagoon. Although this offers very poor value I think we need to get tidal power up and running. After all solar and wind were initially poor value for money. Hopefully subsequent projects will improve.


  • @chris_wilson92 god I hope they approve it this time around, though the rumours I've heard aren't hugely positive. Tidal power is a massive resource for Britain, even more so than most of the world (the Severn has the worlds second largest tidal range, and we aren't taking advantage of it! Baffling) and nothing is cost effective the first time it's rolled out, as you pointed out for solar and wind. The swansea lagoon is only meant to be a test run, from what I understand, and the follow up projects would be much larger and more efficient for the experience gained in Swansea. Fingers crossed!
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