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Referral code

Just switched but couldn’t find anywhere to put in referral code. My friend recommended me so would like her to benefit from £50 bonus


  • @Niknew I send you an email to ask for the referral link so that I can add it to your sign up :).
  • Is it safe to switch using a referral link
  • @iris

    Yes it is, make sure the referral link looks something like this and make sure there is a padlock symbol near the URL which says it is a secure website. This would be safe to switch through here
  • edited January 11
    There's another code here for cheaper electric and a £50 bonus upon signup :) G******************
  • @kier2695 - It is against Bulb's terms and conditions to promote your personal referral link on this forum, Bulb's facebook pages, Bulb's twitter account and others. Check the terms and conditions at (specifically 17.3.10 )
  • Thanks for flagging @RichyB

    We love that you want to shar e Bulb @kier2695 but please don't put your referral link on Community.

    I've taken it down for now :) We'd ask that you don't post it on here again.
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