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Price Increase

Ouch! TWENTY percent increase in prices! Due to wholesale price increases? The price of gas has dropped again on the world markets. How do you account for this discrepancy?


  • You've "only" put up prices 4 times, unfortunately for me 2 of them have been since I joined in April. A 23% increase would suggest your forecasting/buying department shouldn't be due a bonus this year
  • USwitch just contacted me but nobody is offering a materially better deal despite the increases.
  • Hi guys, thanks for your feedback.

    We're sorry we've had to put the prices up, it's really not something we enjoy doing. We do review our prices regularly and this price rise really was inevitable for the company to survive.

    We're always keen to drop our prices and we will when wholesale prices drop again.

    Wholesale prices are actually 18% higher than they were in June 2018, Cold winter in 2017 left us with depleted stores and these have still not been replenished.

    You'll find that similar price rises will be kicking in throughout the energy sector as all companies are limited buy the price of the energy they buy.

    We hope you'll decide to stay with us for the clarity, straightforwardness and greeness, however, we fully understand if you want to leave.

  • I think the price rises are in line with pretty much all suppliers and Ive checked most of them now, the main difference is that some have fixed terms, some without penalties.

    If anybody here can point to a materially better deal then I will look at it. At the moment I think Bulb are competitive though they do not offer fixes. Fixes are in any cases sold at a premium.
  • The prices have risen, they have risen throughout the sector. I and the whole of my family, are happy that we are using renewables and that bulb are transparent, honest and fair. May I suggest that sometimes, price rises are required but we are ALL with bulb for the long term benefit of the planet and not the short term gain of an incentive, shareholders and tickets to the latest crap concert. Bulb is for the long term and one in which the whole of the energy sector should be embracing. I am staying with bulb.
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