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Bulb's hold music.

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I very rarely have to ring Bulb, but today I was pleasantly surprised to find that Bulb's hold music is not the standard tinny Cisco tune, but actually has a bit of bass to it!
Thinking about it, I'm not sure Bulb have put me on hold before.

Why Phil Gerus though?


  • Yaay. Glad you like it @mowcius.

    It's actually one of the tracks on our co-founder Amit's record label. It's a little different to normal hold music.

    We get lots of people who it is. I was on the phone to someone from Uswitch who ended up playing it allowed in his office as he loved it so much - haha.

    What does everyone else think? Like it? Or time for something new?

    Give us your suggestions!
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    As a long time listener of Majestic Casual I knew I'd heard it before, but it took me an almost-NSFW search to find it ("My body was hot, almost uncomfortably hot" :grin:).

    From the same album, I suspect this one might also fit the groove quite well:
    ManMakeMusic got its start a few years ago, when Fitzgerald, Amit Gudka (AKA Another Amit), Mixcloud co-founder Nikhil Shah and a few other university friends started throwing illegal warehouse parties in Hackney.
    Well, that's a bit of fun trivia!
  • Thanks for sharing! Amit is a bit of a cool dude.

    Do you think it is time to change the music?

  • Do you think it is time to change the music?

    I feel like that's a question for someone who's sat on hold for longer than I have!
  • How about Jim Morrison and the doors"light my fire"! But not too long as it costs a fortune !!! Lol.
  • I like the suggestion @John2152. I wonder if it'll be everyone's cup of tea?!
  • Eleanor,Scouse humour as in with the price of gas now ,light the fire less as it's too expensive! Get my drift now?haha.
  • Ahhh. That went right over my head. I think we'll be sticking with what we have now!
  • So Glad I found this!! I love majestic casual so I'm not surprised! I need to get this on my phone as possible.
  • I think it's time to change the music. Hearing how her body was hot, almost uncomfortably hot, whilst I was without gas and freezing cold for the past week because of a Bulb cock up was a little bit annoying.
  • Hi @SparrowV

    Thanks for the feedback. And I am very sorry to hear that you've been left without gas. That's really not good enough, especially in the cold weather.

    I have had a read through your email communications with Bulb. We're looking into why the card was not dispatched. Could you let me know if you've received the card? And the £50 compensation?

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