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'The same as the rest'

I knew it would be too good to be true.! I was displeased with my then supplier of energy and saw the advertisement by Bulb. I was encouraged by the fact that they were a small Company who could ostensibly answer queries quickly and personally.
Coincidentally, a meter reader came to my address today but only to read the electric meter (not the gas and I am on dual fuel tarrif?) The meter reader hadn't the faintest idea why he was only reading the one meter.
However, wishing to clarify this I have visited the Bulb web site and guess what? they have become just like the rest of them! A stupid list of FAQ none of which I have ever found to apply to the query I have!! and of course no contact information whatsover to speak to a human being!! I am therefore left in limbo with a query not answered. Well I have a message for the 'robots' at 'BULB' if this carries on and you are determined to follow the 'Big Six' formulae - you will find very quickly that 'my loyalties' will very quickly find an alternative to your Company!!


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