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100% Green Gas

Hi Bulb,

Thanks for being a great supplier of 100% renewable electricity and 10% green gas.. but are there plans to increase the proportion of green gas to 100%?

It would be nice to be fully green/renewable.


  • Hi @Smithy101. We'd love to supply everyone with 100% green gas. But there is simply not of it to go around!

    To quote @Bill at Bulb :

    Last year we bought about 15% of the green gas supply that was available in the UK, and this year it's been closer to 50%. Our overall aim for this is that the market responds to this bottom-up pressure and that more avenues of green gas supply start opening up, but at present our growth is significantly faster than the green gas industry's - as a result, it's unlikely we're going to be able to increase our percentage of green gas in the near future.

    What we've been working on more this year is increasing the amount of 3 year contracts we sign for gas supply. In the past we've done a lot more spot sales and 1 year contracts, but by increasing the amount of 3 year contracts we're showing these producers that we have a long term commitment to these supply points, which increases confidence that developing more green gas plants is a great investment, while also providing a better shield to any volatility in the gas market.

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