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problems with Bulb

So I came to bulb using money saving expert cheap energy club and monthly payments are being taken from my bank account. Next month Bulb prices increase so i went back on cheap energy club to do a search only to find that bulb have not notified the site that my switch is over.. According to the site its still in progress. This effectively means I am locked into bulb, Is this how bulb retain customers?


  • Hi @moelygaer ,

    You are free to change suppliers at any time - you are not locked into Bulb (and Bulb do not have a 'minimum contract term' nor do they charge 'exit fees') - and there are many other 'switch' sites than MoneySavingExpert.

    What looks to have happened is the notification to/from Bulb about your switch hasn't gone through for some reason (it could be a fault on either side). If you drop Bulb staff a line at they'll be able to get the switch confirmed (likewise, you should also be able to contact MoneySavingExpert to cancel the 'switch record' at their end).
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