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Winter is coming: top tricks to keep toasty.

We're set for another chilly winter. There are a few simple things you can do to stay warm and keep your energy bills down.

Here are our top 5 tips.

Close the curtains

Up to 40% of household energy is lost through windows. By closing your curtains when it gets dark you can stop heat from escaping. Make sure to keep them open during the day to let in the warming sunlight.

Draught-proof your doors

Blocking chilly air that creeps under your doorway is an efficient way to save energy. You can buy sausage shaped draft stoppers or you could get creative and make your own.

Move your furniture

Move your furniture a few inches away from your radiator so it doesn't soak up all that heat.

Keep your oven door open

Keep the oven door open once you've finished cooking. This will keep you warm whilst eating.

Radiator reflectors

Pop some tin-foil behind your radiators. You can stop heat escaping through the walls and reflect it back into the room.

What helpful tricks can you share for staying toasty this winter?


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    Extra Layers: Always put a jumper, or a thick pair of socks on before turning up the heat.

    Hot Bottle: Boil the kettle and fill the hot water bottle.

    Plastic sheeting: Put plastic sheeting over windows to reduce heat loss though windows.

    Bubble Wrap: Spray window with water, and place cut-to-measured bubble wrap on the window to reduce heat loss.

    Heat occupied rooms: Only turn a radiator in a room that is used regularly; avoid heating spare rooms used for guest, hallways that are boxed in (typical in flats, useless for 2 or more storey homes where hallways lead to updates).

    Keep doors closed: Obvious issue, keeping doors closed stops heat loss to other rooms & especially rooms that have not been kept warm.

    Draught exclude Blinds: If you don't have curtains and have blinds (especially roller blinds), make sure you draught exclude the top of the roller blind to stop heat escaping through the top.
  • Clothing - In addition to extra layers an All in One Jumpsuit with hood retains body heat, especially with the hood over the head.

    Duvet - A Duvet with Tog Rating of 13.5 or above for when it is really chilly in the winter, like now.
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