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Britain is getting greener: Renewable capacity is now greater than fossil fuels

A new report by Drax has revealed that Great Britain has reached a watershed moment in renewable energy generation.

Drax operate Britain's largest power station in the UK, generating and selling ~8% of the UK’s electricity. They’ve made big steps to decarbonise their production, helping Britain towards a low carbon future.

The report outlines that for the first time, capacity to generate renewable electricity in Britain has overtaken the capacity to generate fossil-fuels.

This is a huge shift since the start of the decade. In 2010, the combined generating capacity of coal, oil and gas was seven times higher than renewable sources. But, with a third of non-renewable plants closing and the combined capacity of renewable generation having tripled, there’s been rapid progress towards powering Britain with green energy.

The majority of renewable energy in Britain currently comes from wind. Together, both on and offshore wind farms in Great Britain account for 45% of global wind power potential. Solar power and biomass are the second and third largest renewable resources.

At Bulb, we’re on a mission to help people across the UK to reduce their energy bills and lower their carbon emissions.

Our electricity is from 100% renewable sources. So each new member that switches to Bulb helps to increase the demand for renewable generation. Great work.

If you’re not with us yet, you can sign up to Bulb in just two minutes. Or, if you’re already a member, you can send your referral link to your friends, relatives and people you happen to know. You and your mates will have a much bigger impact together.

Do you think Britain could have zero-carbon future? How long will it take? And if not, what will get in the way? We’d love to hear your thoughts.


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    In the future, I think it's inevitable that pound signs in people's eyes will dictate the move to a much higher percentage of our energy being generated by renewable means. Fossil fuels just aren't going to be the cheapest way to do things.

    I'd like to know how Bulb plan to differentiate themselves in the future as more energy companies move towards renewables and start to heavily advertise that fact.

  • More specifically Renewable Generated Electricity. There is technically no such thing as renewable generated gas alternative on the market.

    While there is carbon neutral generated gas alternatives, these still produce green house gases like fossil fuel and is the opposite of what we see in renewable generated electricity.
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