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annual statements

I have duel fuel and pay for both on the same date, why then do the annual statements not arrive together as monthly statements do?


  • I have no idea, I got mine separate although on the same day. Maybe run separately or done by a 3rd party.
    Hopefully Bulb can clarify although it doesn't matter to me as I maintain my own spreadsheet so have the info before Bulb sends it.
  • scudo said:

    ... got mine separate although on the same day.

    I received my gas & electric annual statements as two attachments on a single email.
  • Hi @susan12

    Ordinarily, the annual statement will detail both gas and electricity use.

    However, as there was a delay in switching your gas account to Bulb, your statements have been sent separately. This is to make sure that each statement reflects exactly 12 months worth of usage.
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