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Switching from PAYG to Normal meter

Hi, if we sign up to Bulb (currently with Scottish Power) can we have you switch out our payg meter for a normal one.

we have just bought our home and found out it has a pre payment meter in it which we do not want (allready ran out of electricity once as we are not used to having to continually monitor it)

We are currently all electric with storage heaters and we think on economy 7.

We are planning on having gas put into the property next year.

Until then we just want rid of the pre payment meter and a nice normal one put in.

Thank you


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    Yes, Bulb can arrange that for you, except they will charge you £120 to change the meter.

    Scottish Power will likely do it for free. So I'd suggest you stay with Scottish Power for a little while until you get a credit meter installed, and only then start a switch to Bulb. You might well be paying a little more for energy with Scottish Power but you'll save overall!

    One factor to consider, is that you'll likely end up with a smart meter being installed unless you insist otherwise, I don't know whether that would bother you. I think Scottish Power are still installing SMETS1 meters that subsequently may not work in smart mode when you switch to Bulb. Alternatively, Bulb are rolling out SMETS2 meters as of now, and if you can wait until Bulb are ready to install a SMETS2 meter for you then that will be done for free. Of course, it would mean waiting maybe the whole of this year while still suffering a pre-pay meter.

    Going via Scottish Power might still be the method you prefer, that's probably what I would do, just to get rid of the thing as soon as possible.
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    Thank you for your reply, unfortunately I bit the bullet and signed up last night after reading the reviews of the company. If we have to pay 120 to change out the meter, thats fine, as long as we can get rid of the PAYG nonsense. And then get a new smart meter later.

    Plus i used a referral to sign up and should be getting £50 for that, so that'll go towards changing the meter.

    Thank you
  • calumR said:

    Thank you for your reply, unfortunately I bit the bullet and signed up last night after reading the reviews of the company.

    There's a cooling off period you can make use of to cancel the switch before it takes place, if you prefer.
  • Just checked with scottish power, and looks like they request a security deposit of £150 to change the meter which they pay back after a year as long as you pay your bills.
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