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When does the graph in the 'Energy Usage' section of my account start to show data?

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I've now been with Bulb for just under a month, and was wondering when the graph in the 'Energy Usage' section of my Bulb Account will start to show information about my usage? Is it after my first month? This is just a general query.


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    Heya @yasinkp909

    Great question. As we send our statements monthly, it will start to appear once you've been with us for a month. We need some data on your meter readings before we can start filling it out.
  • Thanks for that. Can't wait to see my monthly usage on a graph =)
  • The graph will only show usage in £s and not in kWh, I would also point out that the history does not go back very far I have been with Bulb 18 months and it only shows the last 4 months, Aug-Nov still waiting on Dec.
    I would suggest keeping track of your own usage £s and kWh which is also useful if you ever switch at a later date.
    Apart from that no issues with Bulb.
  • @scudo Thanks for your input.

    I've never recorded my usage, so how would you recommend keeping track of it (£'s and KWh)? Would that just be writing every meter read and it's monthly cost on a spreadsheet for both Gas and Electricity?

  • Yes! It's just the kind of thing spreadsheets were made for. :)
  • yasinkp909
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    I can send you a copy of a spreadsheet if you wish, but will require n email addy. (PM)
  • @scudo I've sent you a PM with my email addy.

    @198kHz I guess I'm gonna start using spreadsheets for this then :)

    Thank you all for your kind help.
  • I don't understand this. We have been with Bulb since 07/12/19 (that'll be four months next Thursday) , and there are no statements or energy usage showing yet.
  • Have you checked your account as you can download the monthly statements from there. although you should get them emailed monthly.
  • @scudo Hi scudo, thanks for replying so quickly. I get plenty of other regular emails from Bulb but have had no statements emailed yet. On my account page, it says that there are no documents to download, and the monthly usage section says "Not enough readings". Should I contact the help desk?
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    I would contact them, you can always use live chat.
    Online chat, click on help and button at the bottom right of page.

    We'll respond to your chats between 9am-6pm Monday-Friday. At other times, email us.
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