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Paying month bill for bulb and previous supplier

Hi, I have just moved to Bulb last month and when paying for my first month I have had to pay both bulb and SSE. I think that my usage is going down on both accounts which worries me. Will I be able to get my first bulb payment back If my previous supplier is still taking money off me. Cheers


  • Your previous supplier will continue to take payment until the switch over is complete (usually up to 6 weeks) they will then issue a final bill and credit back any surplus to your bank account. With Bulb you should remain a months payment in advance, if the credit builds you can request the surplus be paid back from Bulb to your bank account.
    I would let things take their course for a month or so to see how Bills etc settle down.
  • You will never pay for the same fuel twice! As part of the switching process the two suppliers basically agree a final reading, the old supplier will adjust your final bill to charge you for all the energy used up to that point, and bulb will commence charging for energy used from that reading onwards.

    However due to the differences in the way various companies collect direct debits, it is quite possible you will pay two direct debits, one to your old supplier, and one to bulb who collect in advance for the estimated amount of energy they think you will use. Don't worry about it, as scudo said let things settle down for a month or two and it will sort itself out.

    Don't be tempted to cancel your direct debit with your old supplier until you are quite sure you have paid everything you owe them, or more importantly they have paid you back any credit you might have accumulated!

    Finally, be aware that as you seem to have recently switched, you may well get an automated email from bulb suggesting you raise your direct debit amount significantly. A few have had this, and it has caused some confusion. As you are joining in winter, you will currently be using much more energy than normal. You are expected to keep your account in credit. Your initial quote might, for example, have been £100 a month or £1200 a year. However it is entirely possibly you will use £200 a month of energy over winter, and only £50 a month in the warmer months. Bulb will suggest you pay more now, to keep your account in credit, as you have not been with them long enough (over the summer just gone) to accumulate enough credit to pay for this winters central heating! Sadly some seem unable to grasp how this works, and are outraged when they are asked for a direct debit much higher than the monthly price given on a comparison website. They fail to realise that the monthly rate they found so attractive is an annual average, and you will never pay for more energy than you actually use!

    Ps- welcome to bulb! Hope you find them good to be with as we all have. Honestly they are excellent, ethical, honest and straightforward. Cock ups are quickly sorted and one gets the impression they actually care! Not to mention prices are reasonable, energy is green, and you can easily make enough from referrals to pay a good chunk of your annual bill...
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