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I have too big bills

When I started using energy from the Bulb, my meters indicated.

GAS 10 JUNE 2018- 6568 units
ELECTRYCITY 10 JUNE 2018-9946 units

today January 10 2019 gas reading is followed by 6723
current reading power is 11795.

Summing gas costs: consumed 10154 units x 2.80p = 284,312 £

Power costs: consumed 1849 units x 12.13p = 224.2837 £.

The sum gives a consumption of 508,5957 £.

From 10 January I have already paid bills in the amount of £ 602.74. why on my online account you can see that I am on the loan about £ 200, since I have overpayments of almost £ 100.

Sorry but because of this I blocked direct debit which was to be downloaded today (154 £). because it's unfair to me.


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    I dont think blocking your DD is wise without first contacting Bulb to get this resolved.
    Have you been giving monthly readings within the required time frame, if not estimates will be used.
    I find your figures a bit confusing are you quoting gas units or kWh

    Would I be correct in saying that since June you have used...
    155 kWh of gas
    1849 kWh of electricity?
    For 6 months usage that does not appear to be particularly high, thats £85 per month.

    If I read you correctly your complaint is that you are £100 in credit, which is about right as you should stay 1 month in credit.
    So is your complaint re paying another £154 dd, if so all you need do is go to your account and adjust it, ensuring you stay 1 month ahead.
  • Purley as an another Bulb customer, let's break this down.

    10 June 2018 to 10 Jan 2019 is 214 days.
    During that time, you used (6723-6568) 155 units of gas - that's an average of 0.7243 per day
    During that time, you used (11795-9946) 1849 units of electricity - that's an average of 8.64 per day.

    In a similar time period (03 June 2018 to 03 Jan 2019), I used (a 3 bedroom semi-detached new build house which is occupied 24/7):
    196 units of gas - that's an average of 0.91588 per day
    2905 units of electricity - that's an average of 13.5748 units of day

    So you are actually using less gas and electricity than me.

    For me, electricity costs are 13.26p per kWh and a standing charge of 20.44p per day. If we assume these were the same throughout the period and we were both in the same charging region, you would have paid (20.44p * 214 days) £43.74 for the standing charge and (13.26p * 1849) £245.17 for the electricity usage - giving a total electricity charge of £288.92 (with rounding up).

    For gas, it's slightly more complex. Whilst the standing charge is 20.44p per day and the gas rate is 3.63p per kWh - however gas meters record in 'units' as supply companies such as Bulb charge in kWh. How many units per kWh - it varies: whether your meter is metric or imperial (given the similarities in reading to mine, I'll say metric), to weather conditions (as gas takes up more/less volume depending on the temperature), supply conditions, the calorific value of the gas supply etc etc. On your bill, you'll find an 'explaining your gas usage' box which explains the conversions - but if we assume that all throughout the time period it was the same as my last bill then:
    Meter units used: 155
    Volume conversion factor: * 1
    Metric units: 155
    Volume correction : * 1.02264 = 158.5082
    Calorific value: * 39.4 = 6245.26248
    Convert to kWh : / 3.6 = 1734.795 kWh
    Multiple by price of 3.63p per kWh = £62.97 + Standing charge of £43.74 = £106.74

    This should give you a total bill for the period of £395.66 - about £1.8488 per day. My bill would have been £589.90 during that period.

    However, the amount your bill is set at does NOT have to have any thing to do with the direct debit monthly amount. As long as your Bulb account has sufficient funds in it to cover your next monthly bill, you can set the direct debit to be £10 a month or £2,000 a month - Bulb gives you this flexibility so you can adjust your budget to fit your circumstances but still avoid being hit by 'bill shock' during the winter when bills are traditionally higher due to winter conditions (if you paid the same amount in December as your would in June you wouldn't have enough to cover the bill). This means during Summer months, you do tend to have a balance in your Bulb account to cover the winter months.

    If, however, the direct debit is set too high (such as you've reduced your usage to lower than predicted), then you will have excessive credit in your Bulb account. If it does get too high, you can simply reduce the monthly payment in your account yourself at https://account.bulb.co.uk/dashboard/payments-and-statements and select 'Change monthly payment' or you can just request a refund - https://community.bulb.co.uk/discussion/6700/how-can-i-request-a-refund .

    In summary, i don't think your bills have been too high and if you are in credit in your Bulb account you can adjust the direct debit or ask for a refund.
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    Apologies for saying this but I don't think your figures make much sense.

    For example your gas units was 6568 units on 10 June 2018 and 6723 units on 10 January 2019. Are these your meter readings?

    You then say you consumed 10154 units, how did you arrive at this reading compared with the line above for the two dates.

    Also you calculation of £508 (i.e. 508,5957) has not taken into account any standing charges of 20.44p per day for each fuel. The combined standing charges for 10 June 2018 to 10 January 2019 roughly works out at £75.

    You really need to speak direct with the Bulb team about your concerns as this is a public forum and you are to some extent giving personal information. You can contact the Bulb team by checking the bottom of the Help page, you access the Help page by clicking the Help button at the top of this page.
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    From 10 January I have already paid bills in the amount of £ 602.74. why on my online account you can see that I am on the loan about £ 200, since I have overpayments of almost £ 100.

    Sorry but because of this I blocked direct debit which was to be downloaded today (154 £). because it's unfair to me.

    Thorough answers from @RichyB and @Allanr. There's some very odd maths going on that I don't understand.

    However, are we making this too complicated? Isn't @Augustyniak simply complaining about paying his £154 direct debit because his account is already £100 or £200 in credit? I'm not sure what "am on the loan about £200" and "I have overpayments of almost £100" relate to since they seem to be saying opposite things and different amounts.

    @Augustyniak it's completely normal for your account to be in credit. In fact, the terms and conditions of your Bulb account state that you must not be overdrawn (account negative) under normal circumstances. Perhaps the following article will help you understand how your payments work:

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