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Smart meter replacement

I recently moved into a new home. I was with bulb at my last home, and still am. I dont have any extra electrical items plugged in, same as last house, and use no other electrical items, my electricity bill is higher. My gas bill has quadrupled, l am always in the house at the same time as the last house and gas heating comes on at the same time for the same length of time, l have the same amount of rooms, the boiler is new, double glazing etc. I am on the same tariff as before. I have smart meters installed with a display unit. I would like to have the whole system either removed back to analogue or replaced for a new setup, reason being is l dont think these are reading correctly and the system monitor unit that gives data doesnt work. Anyone know how l can go about this.


  • @dc240969, you can request that Bulb check your setup, but if it's found that the meters are reading accurately then you will be charged for this service.
    It's highly unlikely that both the electricity and and gas meter are faulty (if one of them is) - more likely on the electric meter that your old one was not accurate.

    You could most likely also just request a new meter install, but you would be charged for this, and they would be digital meters as nobody really installs or manufacturs the old analogue meters any more.

    Best to give Bulb a ring to discuss your options.
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