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FAR IR heaters.... anyone have any experience of them? Any top tips?

We've got gas central heating with a relatively new (6yr old) efficient boiler for water and heating. We're having trouble getting the whole house warm (downstairs in particular) and looking like it may be very expensive to improve the current system (may require zoning, new pipework, new boiler - hard to say as our piping is REALLY complicated - no one seems to be able to work it out as it's a split level 70s build house, extended multiple times - nothing about it is simple!). Anyway, as an alternative to ripping everything apart, I was thinking about maybe supplementing the existing heating in some rooms with IR heaters on the ceilings (to be run only certain times of the day when needed)? I can only seem to find websites that talk about it and no one local who has any actual experience of it - so worried it's all hype. Has anyone tried these? Any advice/top tips gratefully received.


  • No experience on IR heaters but have had Storage Heaters for years with no problems. Only one standing charge to pay no boiler servicing or service contracts.. charged at night on cheap rate economy 7 electricity. Plus add the Emersion heater on a timer and charge the water at cheap rate. Have just upgraded to the latest Diplex Quantum which are automatic with thermostats and 27% cheaper than the other ones. You can set what room temperature you want. They have home all day settings and out all day settings and holiday settings. Check out the Dimplex Quantum Site if you are interested. Normally a home visit and quote is free.
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  • @Goldilocks, for the cost of electric (and new heaters) compared to gas, I'd honestly recommend having someone come and replace some pipework and sort your central heating out first. Unless you have hard floors everywhere - then it sounds like a nightmare.

    Being 70s, it may well have 10mm pipework, which may well be partly full of sludge, and if it's been extended and hacked around, it's probably also terribly balanced.

    Zoning wouldn't be required - it's just a nice to have and something people can upsell you on.

    As a first step I'd get someone in to work out what's really going on. Any plumber worth their salt should be able to figure out what's connected to where. Second step might be a powerflush (and fit a magnetic/cyclone filter if you haven't got one), bleed and a balance.

    Maybe also consider whether you're losing your heat really quickly due to draughts and if you can do something about that. Maybe try and find someone with a thermal camera who can take a look.
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