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Fake Refund Email

I recieved an email that said they were writing on your behalf and as i had a few referrals latley you wanted to refund £50 to my bank and asked for my details, im not silly enough to fall for that ... The email did look official and stated on the bottom " never heard of us ?? ... Ask Bulb" I assume this is to put doubt in peoples mind ... I just thought id make you aware of this.


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    If you haven't yet deleted the message, please report it to Action Fraud using this form.

    @Eleanor at Bulb you might like to keep a record of this.
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    Thank you very much for letting us know about this. And thanks for the flag @Hooloovoo.

    I'm going to send you an email from my personal bulb email address. "RE: Community Bulb follow up."

    If you would be able to forward the email to me, we will look into it and the necessary actions.

    Bulb would never ask for bank details over email unless it's through Transferwise which is a secure method of transferring money.
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