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Why after bulb telling me to pay 60 per month are they now saying should be 98 per month


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    A couple of possibilities:
    • You haven't submitted any meter readings and so your bills have been estimated.
    • Your usage is higher than expected based on your initial quote.
    How you expect anyone to provide helpful suggestions or accurate advice with no more information than "as above" is beyond me.

  • Twins 2013, here is a suggestion based on my experience:
    Although I have provided readings every month from April 2018, Bulb's system was unable to generate any reasonably accurate predictions on what should be paid until my monthly readings had been provided for 6 months. I have found that it is better for me to submit meter readings every month so that Bulb does not use any estimates to generate my invoice. Make sure that you pay enough to cover the months payment in advance plus your usage as per the contract. If your payment is set too high or too low, you can adjust your monthly payment through your online account, and you can top up any underpayments through your online account as well. That way, you will be paying for your usage only.
  • In my case, although I submit every month my readings, bulb estimations are always 10-20% higher than my actual ones. I am in bulb for 5 months, so I hope when they have data of my usage for a longer period they will be able to predict more accurately. If you are new with bulb, my suggestion is to pay enough to cover the month's payment in advance. After the winter months, you will be able to reduce your monthly payment.
  • Hi all,

    Thanks for helping out @Twins2013.

    On your Bulb Account, it says that your monthly payments are £60 a month. On the payments and Statements page, it also says that you are using around £98 of energy. This is based on your meter readings or industry estimates. But it also says that your account is in good shape. We'd expect you to use a little more energy than average in the winter and a little less in summer which is why the £60 is about right.

    If we think you should change your payments, we'll let you know. We also send monthly statements detailing exactly how much energy you've used and the status of your balance.

    But for now, everything looks normal so not to worry.

    @mmaria you are right, the more meter readings we receive from you, the more accurate our estimates will be. The best way to ensure accurate bills is to submit readings for the next couple of months, and then the expectations for your property will update and become more accurate to your usage.
    When you join Bulb we base your monthly payments on either:

    1) Your annual usage. This is from the figures you submit to use when you sign up.


    2) The average usage for a home of your size in your area. We also ask for this information when you sign up.

    Once you're a member, we'll ask for meter readings each month. At the end of each month, we’ll send you a statement summarising the cost of the energy you’ve used. We’ll subtract this from your monthly payment, and give you an update on your account balance.

    If you don't submit a meter reading, we use an estimate. Estimates are used industry wide. They're not something that Bulb make up. These estimates are based on the previous usage of the meter.

    We advise for you to submit meter readings every three months. This helps to make the estimates accurate and prevent bill shock. But, it's even better if you can submit them monthly. This way you'll always have up to date statements.
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