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Smart Meter after recent switch to Bulb

I moved into my current property three months ago. I find myself having extortionate electricity bills, hence my switch to Bulb. However month by month my bill is increasing - £270 this last month from last provider for a four week period for a two bedroom house. (£405 for previous two months) Although the house has underfloor and electrical heating I was not expecting it to be this much. My previous large three bed house was £180 a month in the winter for gas and electric (with a hot tub). I am lost as to why it is so high and hopefully will come down with Bulb. To monitor why my bill is so high, when are Bulb giving out smart meters or do I buy my own, and if so which one

Thanks in advance


  • You have the most expensive type of heating (electric) that and the fact all Utility comapnies raised prices during 2018 didnt help.
    Some have discussed this here:
    If I were you I would start to monitor your own usage say on a weekly basis, you dont need a smart meter for that although they will be rolling out this year, several of us customers keep track using our own spreadsheets.
    In my opinion a smart meter does not save you money do by being aware of your own usage.
  • Garron50 said:

    To monitor why my bill is so high, when are Bulb giving out smart meters or do I buy my own, and if so which one

    Whilst a smart meter makes the job easier, you don't necessarily need to buy anything to monitor your usage. You can simply read your electricity meter and log your own usage. You could start by doing it at the same time every day to obtain your daily usage. You could then reduce this to say once a week. I used to read and submit my meters at least once every month before I had my smart meters installed.

    At a risk of stating the obvious - switching supplier only goes so far in reducing your bills. If you're using a lot of energy then your bills are going to be high. The only way to know how much energy you're using is to read your meters. As @scudo said you have the most expensive form of heating and so your bills are definitely going to be high.

    If you believe your meter is measuring higher than it should, then you can ask Bulb to installed a "check meter" to see if they agree. Although there will be a charge for this is no fault is found. You could do your own test by reading your meter, and then running a known load for a certain time (say a 1kW radiator with the stat turned up full so it stays constantly on for an hour, with everything else turned off) and then see if your meter has increased by 1kWh. if that test passes, then it's most likely that you really are using the amount of energy you're being billed for and so will have to consider how to reduce that rather than simply switching supplier.
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