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Smart Meter

I would like a smart meter fitted ASAP as I need to understand why our usage appears to have shot through the roof recently. I have put my name on the list, but don't understand why it is taking so long to hear back about it. Can anyone advise how I can expedite this?


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    Murphsio said:

    Can anyone advise how I can expedite this?

    You can't really. It's a queue and Bulb have only just this year started installed SMETS2 meters. There have been many industrial delays due to software problems and so the SMETS2 rollout is taking much longer than expected for all suppliers.

    However, you don't need a smart meter to do what you ask. You can do it manually, it just takes a little more work. I'd suggest to begin with you start readings your meters daily and keeping a log of the values. Then you can start seeing exactly how much you're using every day and whether that agrees with what you expect it to be. From there you'll be able to see if it's the meters or your expectations that are wrong.
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