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Massive bill?

Hey all,

I have recently moved into a 3 bed flat, electric only and on dual rate meter. Here my useage for the last 3 months (only joined Bulb in Nov2018)

Nov 2018 - 1912 KWH
Dec 2018 - 1998 KWH
Jan 2018 - 2407 KWH

We live in a 2 floor 3 beds flat that is built in 2005 so is I wouldn't classified as old.

Is anyone in a similar situation seeing similar usage over the winter months? I submit my reading once a month so is up-to-date.



  • I do need to add, my wife is currently on maternity leave and is in the flat pretty much 24/7.
  • Although difficult to compare as I am4 bed detached 24/7 and combined kWh (gas & Elect) I have used:

    Nov 2158 kWh
    Dec 2733 kWh
    Jan 2848 kWh
  • Actually going from that I am not too far off, at a guess my hot water is via megaflow and one element is constantly on.

    Is your actual bill around £250 a month ?

  • Combined gas & electric 2678 kWh for 2nd Jan - 1st Feb. Under £140 for the month.

    Unfortuntely electric is more expensive than gas (~14p vs ~3.5p / kWh), hence your bills been much higher.

  • For January I came in at £144 using 2579 kWh (dual fuel)
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