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I have just joined "bulb" and see that I have to read my meters now even though I have a smart meter? Does the smart meter need to be changed to one that is compatible with bulb?


  • Hi @jcroftsm ,

    The 'existing generation' of smart meters (called 'SMETS1' meters) tend to be 'locked' to the installing supplier: meaning whenever you move to any other supplier, the meter will become 'dumb' so you have to manually provide meter readings and any in-home display (IHD) will either stop displaying data or will show incorrect data.

    Bulb do not currently offer smart meters (see the stickied post 'Bulb and smart meters' at the top of this forum for their trail and the planned rollout) and when they do start installing them this year they will be the new generation SMETS2 meters which are multi-provider compatible.

    So, no, you do not need to change your smart meter at this point - just provide manual readings - and there is a chance (again, see the stickied post) it may be able to be 'enrolled' into the SMETS2 'DCC' platform later this year (but Bulb probably won't be able to tell for certain until near the data), but it could be the case in the next few years your supplier will need to change the meter to a SMETS2 one: but nothing to worry about for now.
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