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50 credit

I used a lady’s referral code and they said once I put my card and key in and topped up we would both receive the credit???


  • Hi @Jordan91, you're absolutely right, we will send a transferwise email link to collect your referral credit once you have topped up with your new Bulb key and card.

    You will often receive the email a couple of days after you have topped up, since you haven't got it yet, I have just sent you a personal message to get that fixed.
  • Hi I am having the same problem, I put credit in two days ago now.
  • I'm having the same problem too :/ Received the email from Bulb but no email from TransferWise!
  • Hi @1Lauren and @jmbcarr, we are really sorry that your referral credit hasn't come through yet. We receive confirmation of a top-up within 48 hours, after which the transferwise email is sent immediately.

    If you guys still haven't had the email come through, could you please contact help@bulb.co.uk so an agent from a prepay team can fix that for you?
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