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Green Impact Report - which animal are you?

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Every year we send each Bulb member a Green Impact Report. It’s a personalised email explaining the positive environmental impact you’ve had by being with Bulb during the previous year.

If you haven't yet opened your 2018 report, you should be able to find it in your email inbox. We sent it on Thursday 31st January.

Why do we send you an Impact Report?

As you probably know, our mission is to make energy ‘simpler, cheaper and greener’. The Green Impact Report is a great opportunity to celebrate the ‘greener’ part of that.

The more members that join Bulb, the more carbon we can save from being released into the atmosphere and the greater demand for renewables we generate.

We took a ‘Bulb’ approach to sharing the data.

Being Bulb, we didn’t want to email you a load of confusing numbers. No one likes an inbox full of jargon. Instead, we’ve added a little context – yes, in animal form.

If you’re thinking “huh?!”, let me explain…

The team did some research to find animals that weighed the same amount as the carbon you saved during 2018. @Aurelia at Bulb then did what she does best – bought things to life using illustrations.

Here are some examples:

If your carbon saving was less than 1093kg during 2018 we sent you a water buffalo.

If you saved between 1326 and 1492 kg of carbon, we sent you Knickers the cow.

If you prevented between 2209 -3032 kg of carbon entering the atmosphere, we sent you a baby blue whale.

And these are just a handful of examples. There are 10 in total. You can find out which animal you are by opening your report.

We crunched a few more numbers

We found that each year, the average Bulb member saves 1,188 kg of CO2 compared to the amount they would use if they’d remained on an average, non-renewable, UK energy tariff.

With over 950,000 members, it’s the equivalent of taking 1.1. million cars off the road. That’s enough cars for a traffic jam from London to Lahore!

And, together, our members are saving 1.4 million tonnes of carbon per year. Which is like planting 722 million trees.

Have you read your impact report yet? What animal were you?

We’d love to get your feedback. We send this report every year so we’d like to know what number crunching you’d like us to do next time.


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