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IHD3 user manual and troubleshooting

Hello, I had my smart meters installed yesterday and I was completely satisfied with the installer and process however, I am a little perplexed by the interface.

After collecting information on my electricity consumption for more than 24 hours, it now appears to be stuck in some kind of reset loop. It is no longer showing any information, the WiFi icon is flashing and it displays a message of "waiting for current data". The time is also affected and just displays 0:00. After 1-2 minutes it appears to reboot, but nothing new happens.

It has never shown me any information on my gas consumption.

I would appreciate any help anyone can give regarding whether I can fix this issue manually or just twiddle my fingers until it sorts itself.

I would also like access to a PDF copy of the user manual for this device, just so I needn't do this each time I have a question.

Many thanks.


  • It's a terrible user interface, isn't it?

    Sounds like the IHD isn't paired correctly with the meter hub. I think you'll need to contact Bulb directly regarding this question. Might need an engineer visit to pair it again if they can't do it remotely.
  • The flashing icon would most likely be the connection to the meter and/ or the communications hub rather than WiFi.

    It might be an idea for you to contact Bulb and they should be able to help you re-pair the device.
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    There's no actual user guide available AFAIK, but OVO have one for standard usage: https://forum.ovoenergy.com/ihd-in-home-displays-64/user-guide-for-the-chameleon-ihd-1837

    @HitmonDan, have you tried moving it closer to the meter to see if it reconnects?

    If you press the "OK" button to go into the menu, then press right a few times to get to "Meter information", "OK", then right again to show the MPAN, what does it say?

    There's also a basic tutorial for the IHD (but with no troubleshooting information) available at the end of the menu.
  • i have the same issue "waiting for MPAN" take it this is hasn't been set-up correctly
  • My smart meter was installed on Thursday and the interface working fine until Saturday when seeing a message eked data unavailable
    Waiting for current data. Mpan just has number just has long list of numbers
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