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Hi everyone.
I’m new to bulb. If I used 600kwh electric in four weeks what might my bill come to approx.
If I use 150m3 gas in four weeks what might my bill be.
Thanks in advance


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    Have you tried using the formulas that is at the bottom of your monthly statement? It explains how they work it out.

    Electricity I reckon around £94 at normal tarriff
  • Prices vary a bit depending on your region, but here in the West Mids (13·64p/kWh inc VAT) I'd be charged £81·84 for the electricity plus £5·72 standing charge.
    The conversion from metered gas units to kWh varies a bit with the average calorific value for the period in question, but multiplying by 11·15 will be somewhere near. That would give 1673kWh, for which I'd be charged (3·728p/kWh) inc VAT) £62·35 plus £5·72 standing charge.
  • Hi thanks for your answers. Looks like I’ll have to turn off the hot tub
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