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Do Bulb supply THTC?

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We are currently on total heating total control with sse, Can I change over to bulb being on this tarrif??


  • I would like to know this too
  • Hi @mrs and @Clare815819

    You can switch to Bulb and we'd love to have you with us. But we don't advise that we're the best supplier for a few reasons. Mainly, we're a more expensive option.

    We can offer for one of your meters to be on a standard single rate and the other on an economy 7 tariff. It is likely that your current supplier offers a special tariff that is cheaper.

    On top of this, if your two meters have separate meter points (MPANs) then there is extra standing charge costing around an extra £75 per year.

    If you are still keen to join Bulb then it's best to drop us an email to with a picture of your meter(s) and we'll double check your meter type before switching to avoid any glitches.

    Hope this helps!
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