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Welcome pack

Hello everyone , I am switching to bulb and already signed up online ( direct debit set and activation should happen in the 25th of March ) however I haven’t received and email with terms conditions, welcome pack or even acknowledgement. Did it happen to anyone ? Can someone from the Bulb team help ? Cheers


  • Exactly the same for me. Signed up yesterday for switch over on 25th March, but I have not received any confirmation email. Cheers.
  • @Fatma06 & @MarkO888

    I've just looked through my emails from when I joined Bulb last April and the first email I received from Bulb was 21 days before my switch, so in theory a notification email should have been sent to you by now. The email provides your expected progress dates and an attached Welcome pack.

    I would suggest if you haven't received this by tomorrow you give Bulb a ring, their details on the Help Page, click the Help button at the top of this page.

  • @Fatma06 I can see that we sent your Welcome pack on March 5th and @MarkO888 you should have received yours on March 6th.

    Could you both confirm?

    Sorry for the delay!
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