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Customer Dashboard Changes - Referrals Section

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I see there have been some alterations to the referrals section of the customer dashboard. Although the previous incarnation had room for improvement, at first glance we seem to have lost some useful aspects. My thoughts for what they're worth are below and I'd be interested to hear from anyone at Bulb as to the thinking behind the changes:

1) Referral count - the number reported is now for completed referrals only. I liked having the split between 'currently switching' and 'completed'. Now I can't see at a glance how many are in the process of switching. Ideally there would be both counts plus a total. Having them both on the same page is an improvement but count totals for each and a grand total would be even better.

2) Dates - whereas before with the 'currently switching' tab we had sign-up date, all we have now is "switch completes in x days". In my opinion the latter isn't that useful because any time I want to check a switch date, I have to add x days to today's date. Ideally you would see both sign-up date and switch date, but even having sign-up date instead of "x days to...." would be better, until it then completes and shows the switched date.

3) Amount - although the referral amount is useful beside a customer's name (at least around Bulbiversary time), it would be of more benefit to see this information in the payments section of the dashboard. i.e. have a customer name beside each nameless £50 so it's obvious who it's for. It's not very user-friendly to have to go from the payments sections back to the referral section to identify the new member for each credit.

Given that adding referral credits manually is quite commonplace (usually when the customer doesn't appear at all in the referrer's Bulb account), it's obviously impossible to know who a manual credit refers to. You also don't know it's a manual credit until you rule out automatic credits, but it could also be a credit for prepayment customer, who on switching disappears from the dashboard completely until they top-up. So you're faced with matching a nameless £50 to a confirmation email. Confusing? Complicated? I think so.

[As a case in point I've just spent most of the afternoon on Bulb webchat trying to identify if I've been credited for someone who tells me they used my referral link back in October. It was a manual entry so there were no emails at any point identifying this person and of course there's no name against the credit. As the referrer, trying to identify the new customer in these cases is problematic to say the least. It also strays into privacy aspects because even though I'm asking about my account, Bulb staff are understandably hesitant to give out customer details, even when I'm supplying the name. A name beside the credit in the payments section would solve this].

Any thoughts on that lot?


  • I agree with all your points. Last night (6th March) I had 3 e-mail referral notifications with the first name of the joining person and the time. None of these referrals are showing on the 'Members You've Referred' statement on my online account. First time I've had a problem like this and I've e-mailed Bulb asking them to sort out. The new statement look is a bit confusing but at least they use first names to identify joining customers, so you can see if any referrals are missing, by comparing with e-mail notifications
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    Same story here. At first new referral sign-ups were showing, but now nobody signing up is appearing at all in the online account. The page is also extremely slow to load up and has been since last night.

    With regard to my point on no longer having the count of those referrals still switching, I now can't ensure my account is showing the correct number of referrals in total without manually going through all those currently switching and adding them up. Then adding those to the number of completed referrals (which is the only count now shown on the page) and then adding to that number any prepayment customers who have switched but disappeared until they top up.

    Just in case Bulb are not on the case of referrals no longer showing up at all, I'll flag in the Bulb staff who appear to be active in the Community today:

    @William at Bulb @Pollyanna at Bulb @Eleanor at Bulb
  • Thanks Norman 7115. The time is 12.27 pm on Thursday 7th March. Since last night I now have FIVE referrals which I've been notified about by e-mail NOT showing on my online account. Should we be worried Bulb are losing track of referrals on people's accounts and customers are potentially losing referral money?????
  • Thanks both, I'll flag down the team who revamped this page and pass on your feedback to them.

    @ky326vvb if you've been sent an email about the referral then we're definitely aware of it. I've checked the backend of your account and I can see 9 pending referrals from yesterday.
  • I rang Bulb customers services this afternoon. The Advisor got back to me to say there's a computer glitch causing the problem of no referrals being added to people's online accounts since yesterday afternoon (6th March) It coincides with the re-vamped layout of the Refer a Friend page on everyone's online account that went live yesterday. The Bulb Advisor says they're working on it and hoping for a fix in the next few days. I would suggest chasing again next week if your online account isn't showing new referrals notified to you by e-mail.I would keep a tally of new referrals missing from your online account together with the name of new sign-up and time of e-mail just in case of problems down the road!! Hope this helps!!
  • Thanks both, I'll flag down the team who revamped this page and pass on your feedback to them.

    Thanks @Will at Bulb. Looks like new referrals are now appearing.

    Thanks also for passing on the feedback. I mentioned not being a fan of the "switch completes in x days". What I forgot to say was I think the day count is wrong anyway.

    People signing up today are shown as "switch completes in 20 days", which is wrong.

    Likewise people completing tomorrow are shown as "switch completes in 0 days" which is obviously incorrect.

    Regardless, a simple switch date (plus a count of those switching) would be far better in my opinion.
  • Hi @norman7115

    I'm one of the team that have been working on the re-design.

    It’s great to get so much detailed feedback. We’ll definitely take it all on board with future iterations of the account. We’re always looking to improve our product based on what our members need.

    Regarding the issue with your referrals not appearing in your account. Thanks for pointing this out, you helped us spot a bug. We’ve now fixed it and they should now be showing in your account. Don’t worry, this will not affect your referral credit.

    Have a great weekend,
  • I'm not sure if further updates to the dashboard referrals section have been happening over the weekend but we now have the situation where switches that were due to complete on Saturday didn't switch, then on Sunday all those with Saturday and Sunday switch dates disappeared from the dashboard entirely.

    @Eleanor at Bulb @Deborah at Bulb @Will at Bulb
  • I've had a referral due to switch this weekend (16/17 March) and it has completely disappeared!! Thankfully I still have a name of the sign-up from the e-mail notification.I vaguely recall there could be another reason for disappearances. That is something to do with prepayment meters and next time the sign-up customer tops-up the referral credit is added to your account. Is that right??
  • ky326vvb said:

    I vaguely recall there could be another reason for disappearances. That is something to do with prepayment meters

    Prepayment customers no longer disappear from the dashboard. There is a current glitch (as yet unfixed) where some referrals disappear on the switch date. But now all referrals are disappearing on the switch date and no credits are being applied. This has been the case since Saturday and will be affecting all referrals.
  • Hey @norman7115

    Yup you’re right, we released something on Friday that has mean referrals from then have not been going through. Luckily we have flags that let us know when something is broken, so we started working on it really fast.

    This should be fixed this morning and all referrals will go through as normal. They will appear in your account.

  • Releases on a Friday :o
  • Releases on a Friday :o

    I made that face too :)
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